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In Chicago 55 million dollars was recently spent on violence prevention initiatives.  Much of these funds were difficult to track, spent on unproven methods and ineffective programs.  The result left scores of at-risk youth, families and victims disconnected from the critical services they needed…. (Link)   but who is responsible? 

700 miles away, Hartford is the 14th most violent city in America.  The crime rate is 200% higher than the national average.  But amidst the millions spent and an unspeakable human toll, are conditions improving?




Within the world of urban violence, there is a wake of heartache, unnecessary disconnects and inadequate care for victims in-need.

A recent CDC funded study found that a majority of violence prevention initiatives could not prove they were successful at reducing violence at all.    In some cases, programs, which remain fully funded ironically cause more harm to America’s most vulnerable, than good.

THE SWEETEST LAND investigates the real story of violence, prevention and politics, where complacency can no longer be an option.


There are solutions.  They rely on studied prevention methods over politics and perception.  Prior to The Sweetest Land’s release, we will present evidence to elected officials and national institutions.   We will follow the responses of those who take action, and those who do not.  We will report on the outcomes and celebrate the victories.  Check our ACTION PAGE for additional information.


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