THE SWEETEST LAND has engaged the following individuals and organizations for advocacy and social action:

US Senator (CT) Chris Murphy    —   Status   (PENDING/TO BE ANNOUNCED)

US Senator (CT) Richard Blumenthal   —   Status   (PENDING/TO BE ANNOUNCED)

US Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty   —  Status   (PENDING/TO BE ANNOUNCED)

US Congressman, John Larson   —  Status   (PENDING/TO BE ANNOUNCED)

Governor Dannel P. Malloy’s  Administration  —   (PENDING/TO BE ANNOUNCED)

Injury Prevention Center – Status – (ENDORSED / SEE FUTURE UPDATES)

Newtown Action Alliance (ENDORSED / SEE FUTURE UPDATES )

Children’s Defense Fund  —   (PENDING/TO BE ANNOUNCED)

Project Longevity / Hartford  —   (PENDING/TO BE ANNOUNCED)

Others will soon be announced.  We will report on the status of all engagement initiatives and outcomes

Check back for additional information.

THE SWEETEST LAND cast meets in Washington DC with Senators and Representatives
US Senator Chris Murphy, Warren Hardy, Geraldine Anderson, Tyreck Marquez, US Senator Richard Blumenthal, US Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, Duke Thomas