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Themify Builder Demo

This site is built using Themify Builder, a drag & drop framework that lets you arrange content by dragging and dropping with live preview. Watch the video below to see how it works

Parallax Scrolling & Animation

Upload custom parallax scrolling and fullcover background image. Add animation to modules and rows.

Row Customization

Each row can be customized: width, font, color, background, parallax, and animation effects

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What can you do?

With Themify Builder, you can basically build any layouts using the modules. This site and the pages below are great examples.

Get Themify Builder Now!

Themify Builder is included in all Themify themes.

What are modules?

Modules are the various components you can add via the Themify Builder, they comprise various types of content such as menus, content boxes, posts, etc. 

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